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HR Power Pack – Year-end HR strategies

HR Power Pack – Year-end HR strategies
HR Power Pack – Year-end HR strategies

Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2018
Categories: Human Resources

Hats off to anyone working in a position involving leading people! You’ve accomplished a great deal this year in developing, driving, and evaluating the human resources activities of your organization. Completing a few of these recommended practices, will give you an even greater boost leading into 2019 and further add value to your organization’s greatest asset!

  • Challenge your department or team to review what they did well in 2018 and what can be improved. Once this list is drafted, help them create “New Year’s resolutions” to include something the department/team will start doing and something the department/team will stop doing
  • Create a company photo annual report, slides deck, or holiday card that highlights key company events throughout the year – post it on company social media outlets
  • Measure employee engagement – consider using the employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) to measure employee satisfaction 
  • Have department leads plan, budget and communicate staffing needs
  • Review and update job descriptions (with rapid changes in technology, there may be duties or tasks that need to be updated)
  • Research new state and federal labor laws/verify your labor posters are the most current
  • Review and update company policies in your handbook (what has changed this past year?)
  • Perform internal audits: I-9 forms, OSHA logs, employee files, DOT files, medical files
  • Commit to your own professional development and block out time on your calendar monthly (demo new technology, webinars, conferences, or workshops)
  • Distribute new holiday and pay date schedules
  • Remind employees to file an amended W4 and verify that home addresses are up-to-date


As you wind down the year before the holiday festivities completely take-over your calendar, hopefully, you’re able to schedule in time to complete some of these strategies. Until January 2019, Happy Holidays!

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