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HR Building - What’s in your company total rewards package?

HR Building
HR Building

Posted on Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Categories: Human Resources

Do you recognize and promote the true total value in your company benefits package?

Apart from the traditional benefits we often think about is an implicit value in other perks and rewards that may be unique to your organization and its culture. What’s in your company’s total reward package should be more than a dollar figure.

  • What can be said about your company culture and work environment? Being able to demonstrate that your organization is involved in the local community, family friendly, ethical, inclusive, fun, exciting, progressive, (fill in the blank) will continue to be valuable in attracting and retaining talent. Your employees spend most of their time at work and reminding them of common values within your organization reinforces the why behind what drives your organization and those it employs. Purposely connect and engage with your people whether it be a team building event, food drive, holiday party, or roll out of new technology. 
  • Do you have flexible hours or operations that yield itself outside of peak commuting times? By highlighting this aspect of business operations that reduce or avoid the daily peak rush hour commute and stress; the realized time savings over weeks or months can illuminate work/life balance to employees or potential new hires. 
  • How do you reward longevity of employee tenure or recognize superior results? Be sure to share the celebratory achievement and/or promote the milestone across the organization. Everyone likes to feel and be shown appreciation for their efforts. Recognition goes a long way. 
  • Do you offer reduced or discounted employee stock or discounts on products/services? Employees will most likely participate in these options if the enrollment or eligibility process is simple to complete compared to the discount being offered. Employee participation in such programs fosters a deeper connection as they become more invested in the company’s goals.

A final thought to consider whenever possible is to utilize and incorporate employee testimonials in communications across the organization or company website. Video or written testimony is a powerful communication method. Nothing speaks more about an organization than when its employees are promoting the company.

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