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Critical Facts to Know Before Installing a New Entry Door

Critical Facts to Know Before Installing a New Entry Door
Critical Facts to Know Before Installing a New Entry Door

Posted on Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Categories: Windows & Doors

When steel entry doors came on the market, they were the superior choice over wooden doors for stability, security, and insulating value. And they still are. However, they are not without their shortcomings including rusting if not kept properly painted, and becoming easily dented. If you’ve had steel doors on your home for any period of time, you have dents.

The entry door of the home is the protective layer between you and the outside world. Choosing one that provides security, has energy-saving properties, and looks beautiful is ideal. If your entry door has seen better days and it’s time for a replacement, then its time to do your research and make sure that you take advantage of the latest technologies and features in the modern entry door that will look great, keep you comfortable, and keep you safe for years to come.

Fiberglass Doors

Unlike wood doors, fiberglass entry doors do not shrink, warp, split, crack or delaminate. Unlike steel doors, fiberglass entry doors do not rust or dent. Fiberglass entry doors are available in a smooth skin or a variety of wood grain skins that closely resemble authentic wood doors, and they require a fraction of the maintenance that wood or steel doors do. Textures like oak, cherry, mahogany and fir provide a nearly limitless variety of color and design options whether painting or staining.

It has long been said that fiberglass doors come with all the benefits of steel, without any of its limitations. They are a more popular choice for homeowners who want something secure but also beautiful. Fiberglass entry doors offer the lowest maintenance, resisting denting and scratching, and can be cleaned with mild soap and water. They also offer the highest energy efficiency and overall comfort value.

Therma-Tru Composite Sill 

Composite Frames & Sills

Most often, the component that fails first on an entry door unit is the frame. All-wood frames that are exposed to the elements will rot starting at the sill, as they wick up water. Superior options are on the market now which include composite products that will never rot or absorb moisture. This includes composite adjustable sills, composite bottom portion of the side jambs, and completely composite frames. Like the fiberglass door skins, fully composite frames come in smooth or wood grain texture which can be painted or stained to match or compliment the door panel.


Consider upgrading the security on your entry doors. Although the standard double bore for a lock and deadbolt is most common, new technology provides a multi-point locking system which engages the door and frame at three critical points from top to bottom for enhanced stability compared to traditional deadbolt assemblies. These locking systems are made from premium stainless steel construction that resists corrosion.

Reeb Finish Stain and Paint 

Factory Pre-Finished

Entry door units are now available in a vast variety of durable finishes directly from the factory. A versatile paint color palette featuring elegant, modern hues and bold rustic tones provides exciting options to achieve the look you desire. A new staining system for wood grain fiberglass doors produces a uniquely realistic and durable finish that closely resembles wood. Stain finishes are hand-brushed by skilled craftsmen to enhance the deep embossments and authentic grain patterns on fiberglass doors. A dual top-coat highlights fine details and ensures superior endurance and protection from the elements.

Finish options include a split finish of one color inside and another color outside on both the frame and the door and / or sidelite panels and come with a 10-year warranty.


Therma-Tru Doors - The most preferred brand of entry doors among building professionals

REEB PrismaGuard™ Finishes - Simply the most authentic looking finish on a fiberglass door



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