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In 1939 the late Amandus D. Moyer purchased a wooden roller coaster at the former Sanatoga Amusement Park near Pottstown, PA. He completely dismantled it and hauled the lumber back to his home in Gilbertsville, PA.

After selling nearly all of that lumber, he purchased an old coal cracker, dismantled and hauled it back to Gilbertsville to sell. In 1940, he started selling new lumber and building materials. In the mid 1950’s his sons, Francis and Donald, joined him in the business and the company continued to prosper. A.D. Moyer Lumber soon became one of the leading lumber and building material suppliers in the region and remains so today.

In July 1983, Francis and his son Gary purchased the old New Penn Trucking Company in Bethlehem, PA and immediately began construction. The existing terminal was refurbished into a warehouse and an 8,000 square foot. retail store was constructed in front of it.

April 4, 1984 was the Grand Opening for Moyer Lumber Bethlehem. This began an entirely new business; separate from the original A.D. Moyer Lumber, and one that Francis and Gary could call their very own. Business surged forward for the new store and within two years expansion was already being considered.Moyer Lumber - Bethlehem

In 1986 it was clear that Moyer Lumber had grown out of its housing, so two acres of land were purchased on the hillside behind the current property. Excavation began to widen the lower yard both East and South, and an access road was made from the lower yard to the upper yard. Effectively, this soon became known as “The Hill”. At the same time a second warehouse was planned at the southern border of the lower yard.

1987 saw the completion of the 9,300 square foot “New Warehouse”, as it so affectionately remains to be named, and is the main facility housing our extensive window and plywood inventory. It also manages to serve perfectly as a winter parking garage for all of our trucks – keeping them warm and ready for duty early every morning as business demands.

In the early 1990’s Francis, being a big fan of his hometown baseball team, sponsored a little league team in the Freemansburg - Bethlehem Township Athletic Association, and continues even today! All the while, Moyer Lumber stayed its course – fighting tough new, and significantly larger competition and continuing to emphasize the strong quality and service upon which it was built.

1997 brought a dark and devastating year as Francis finally lost his battle with cancer. All the stores closed for the day of his funeral, andFrancis Moyer hundreds of people came to pay tribute to the man who touched so many lives. The road was a little rocky as son Gary took the helm and steadied his leadership stance, but the business continued to evolve, grow and adjust. Soon enough business was pressing forward once again.

The Millennium introduced an addition of several new vehicles in Moyer’s delivery fleet. A few changes to our product line, and the very beginning of a whole new era of computer automated and electronically interactive business. The addition of a website presence in 2009 brought our knowledge and information closer to our customers.

Following the passing of Francis in 1997, Moyer Lumber continued to be owned and operated by Gary until October of 2013 when he sold the business to Scott and Terry Moyer, owners of A.D. Moyer Lumber.

In 2015 our website was overhauled and upgraded to a .NET mobile-friendly site with multiple advanced features including online-pricing access for contractors, dynamic content controlled via tiered-security Content Management System login and much more.

In June of 2017 Moyer Lumber was re-branded to A.D. Moyer Lumber, joining all locations, including the new Kutztown location, under one company. A new A.D. Moyer website was launched and the previous domain was permanently redirected to


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