1997 News Archive

  • 1/18/1997 - 1955 Interview With Amandus D. Moyer
    "I’m the last of the all-around men," observed Amandus D. Moyer, Gilbertsville, as he sat at a table in the combination kitchen and office at his home. The tall, square-built lumber dealer shook his graying head and recalled the half-dozen other occupations he has followed in his 62 years." I’ve been a jack of all trades and don’t mind saying so," he said. "It’s a lot more satisfying than being a narrow specialist." Although Moyer has been in his present business 17 ...
  • 1/18/1997 - From 'Old Lumber' A.D. Moyer Built A Solid Business
    By Anthony G. NoelSpecial to The Pottstown MercuryOf the three A.D. Moyer locations in the Pottstown area, one - in Gilbertsville - is where it all started for the family-owned lumber yard.In 1939, Amandus D. Moyer purchased the wooden roller coaster at the Sanatoga Amusement Park, had it dismantled, and the parts shipped to his home. That home stood on the site of the company's present-day Gilbertsville location.It didn't take long for the lumber culled from the coaster to be used up by the ...

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